Our Commonwealth faces a litany of challenges from a rapidly transitioning economy, to social and structural injustices, to the existential threat posed to all of humanity by climate change. Eric believes we need to take a comprehensive approach to not only addressing the challenges directly head on, but to also correcting the underlying systemic structures that drive these issues. Eric is looking forward to taking the lessons he has learned leading a global company, to bring people from all backgrounds and walks of life together, to tackle some of our shared toughest challenges we face as a Commonwealth.


Virginia's Economy

Eric knows that creating an economy that works for all Virginians is of the utmost importance. Too many families across our district, and across the Commonwealth are currently disadvantaged from competing in the marketplace. As a business owner himself, Eric knows it is key that Richmond support small businesses across Virginia, as they are the real economic drivers in our economy. More support for growing and small businesses means more good paying jobs for Virginia families. As a business owner and job creator, Eric knows firsthand how the government can best support developing businesses to grow and innovate. If Virginia wants to continue to be a leader in creating cutting edge leaders in all sectors, it is important that Richmond invest the resources needed to help Virginians succeed.

Public Education

As a product of Fairfax County Public Schools himself, Eric will prioritize securing more funding for public schools, to get teachers the resources they need in their critical work, to keep students in the classrooms, and to always ensure the safety of both the students and teachers in our schools.

Reproductive Freedom

Eric believes a woman’s right to choose is a fundamental right. The personal healthcare choices of any individual are between them and their healthcare provider. Eric believes the only role the government has to play in this process is ensuring that the right to choose remains protected in Virginia.

Gun Safety

Eric believes the most important part of any gun safety conversation has to start with keeping guns out of schools so children can remain safe. No parent should have to worry about a firearm being brought into their child’s school. The best way to accomplish this is to put more regulations in place around legally acquiring and owning a licensed firearm. Our communities are safer with fewer guns out on the streets. Eric is proud to have been recognized as one of Mom's Demand Action's Gun Sense Safety Candidates.