Eric Schmidt Denounces Mifepristone Ruling By Activist Federal Judge

Burke, Virginia --- Tonight Democratic candidate for the nomination to the 15th District of the House of Delegates Eric Schmidt condemned the ruling by United States District Judge for the Northern District of Texas Matthew Kacsymark. “Tonight’s ruling by this Trump-appointed North Texas judge is an egregious assault on the fundamental rights of all women to make decisions regarding their own bodies.”

Schmidt went on “This decision is clearly a gross and completely unconstitutional violation of women’s rights and a cheap political power grab. The role of the Federal Judiciary is to protect the fundamental rights of every American. Women have an inalienable right to make their own healthcare choices, and no court should override the decision a woman and her licensed healthcare professional make on such a delicate issue. There is no role for the Government to play in these personal choices, except to enshrine and protect every woman’s right to choose.”

Schmidt concluded that “The Virginia General Assembly should enshrine all women’s right to choose in the Virginia Constitution, and if I am elected Delegate I will support legislation to legally codify such protections.”

Eric Schmidt is a candidate running for the Democratic nomination in the 15th House of Delegates District in Virginia.